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The wind power is always blowing in the U.S.A.

A huge burst of productivity among seven states in the days ahead looks to yield more than double their current wind power, according to a quarterly market report from the American Wind Energy Association.

The wind power is always blowing in the U.S.A.

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The wind power is always blowing in the U.S.

“The latest wind poweer turbine technology helps affordably and reliably put more of that natural resource to work,” Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, said. “With projects underway in over 30 states, wind is rapidly expanding as a major source of American energy, good jobs, and clean air.”

Part of the growth is being fueled by more powerful and efficient turbines, with longer blades and improved power outputs. One firm has ordered 4-megawatt land-based wind turbines — a product almost twice as powerful as the average turbines installed last year. Currently, only two land-based wind farms use turbines that reach above 3.5 megawatts. Low cost and reliability remain the big factors driving industry growth, though.

States looking to double down include inland states like Arkansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming, as well as coastal ones such as Maryland and Massachusetts, but offshore wind is positioned to increase even more. Offshore turbines typically reach above 6 MW.

To date, wind turbines operate in 41 states, plus the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico.

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