single-image is the largest online marketplace in China

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Kiwi companies come together to monetize our largest export market through specialized online markets., one of the largest shopping sites in the world, allows 636 million Chinese buyers to buy well-known household brands such as Vogels, Kapiti ice cream and even crispy Kiwi apples with the click of a mouse.

NZ Food Basket Chair Nicola O’Rorke said, “Chinese consumers are getting smarter and looking for very high-quality brands and high-quality ingredients and many of them come from the New Zealand market.”

Owned by Alibaba, is the largest online market in China, with a market share of more than 60 percent. is a really good way for companies to introduce their products to Chinese consumers.

Now, together with the New Zealand Trade and Company (NZTE), a number of businesses have joined forces to make Kiwi “food baskets”.

One of the products offered, Pics Peanut Butter based in Nelson, began selling products online in China before being able to move their products to a physical store.

Pe’s Butter Pic’s Pic Pic said, “ is a very good way for companies to introduce their products to Chinese consumers.”

Rockit, based in Hawke’s Bay, has sold six percent of its apples in China.

Rockit Global CEO Austin Mortimer said, “For us, is a wonderful opportunity to enter the homes of several hundred million people in China that we will never have the opportunity to do otherwise.”

“The collaborative efforts of all businesses working together have enabled us to carry out cross promotions and have other exposures across other brands,” O’Rorke said.

Last year, New Zealand’s exports to China were worth $ 16 billion.

“Preliminary results have shown a significant increase in monthly sales. For example, there is one brand that sells 1,200 units in two minutes, and they usually sell 200 units in a month,” he said.

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