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Unilever Australia: We’ll run our plants on 100 percent green power

Unilever will operate all its Australian manufacturing facilities on green energy by 2020, according to a report published by The Sydney Morning Herald. The Dutch FMCG manufacturer said that the country’s energy suppliers had reached a ‘tipping point’ whereby renewable energy supply was both reliable and affordable.

“As we now have a little bit more clarity of where we’re going with the National Energy Guarantee then it allows us to make some longer-term commitments,” Clive Stiff, CEO for Unilever’s Australian and New Zealand division told Fairfax Media, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

“We need to decouple our environmental footprint without negatively impacting our growth potential… you could put yourself in a position where you’re paying considerably more for your energy than other players,” he continued. “I think we’re now past that tipping point in Australia where it becomes a very reasonable proposition to invest in renewable energy without carrying an undue risk to financial competitiveness.”

The manufacturer of Dove and Lynx runs four plants across Australia.

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