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Valuating biotech’s benefits

European Biotech Week: Highlighting the benefits biotechnology has brought to pharma development, agriculture and – last but not least – the bio­economy, industry association Europa­Bio celebrated the European Biotech Week with an exhibition, “Discovering European Biotech Innovation,” in the European Parliament in Brussels.

“Biotechnology is possibly the most exciting and innovative European industry and research community: from helping our economy make smart, carbon neutral use of waste to developing crops that help farmers withstand all sorts of climatic challenges to creating treatments that respond to unmet medical needs, biotechnology improves our lives in many ways,” said John Brennan, EuropaBio’s new Secretary General.

With 140 events across 19 countries, Europa­Bio wants to raise awareness for the needs of the sector. “Building a supportive legal framework that supports the bioeconomy is crucial to reach the EU’s climate goals,” said Boris Mannhardt, CEO of BIOCOM, which contributed to the bioeconomy exhibition. Though the European Commission explained it will update the EU’s bioeconomy strategy and link it to its circular economy policy, it’s not yet clear, how to make EU companies competitive with Asian and Pan-American industries. Stakeholders and MEPs met at the BBI-JU’s cocktail reception at the end of the three-day programme in Brussels to exchange views on the topic.

(First published in European Biotechnology, Autumn Edition 2017)

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