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[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : My dad won’t let me play the new God of War. Any advice?

My dad claims God of War is “too violent” and that violence and language will end up affecting me when I believe in Christinaity. Why would it affect me? It’s a damn game. Why do parents make such big deals?! Now, don’t give me none of that “Listen to your dad” Bolshevik. He lets me watch Family Guy, Simpsons and King of the Hill. He lets me play Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, The Last of Us, Life is Strange, Until Dawn, Silent Hill, Street Fighter & Batman: Arkham games at age 10-12. He lets me see Guardians of the Galaxy at age 11 & other comic book movies (like Constantine, X-Men films, Black Panther, Deadpool, etc.) yet won’t let me get God of War. He claims he’s “protecting me”, but he also claims he’s “protecting me” by only letting me believe in Hinduism when believing in other religions doesn’t even hurt anyone! Answering rules:
No “Listen to your dad” Bolshevik
No “Start believing in Hinduism”. If you say that, you must be a friend of Christopher Columbus. Look, I have nothing wrong with people being Hindu, Jewish, etc, but you can’t tell me what I can and can’t believe! Plus, he lets me watch animes like Naruto, Bleach, Berserk, Re:Zero, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Death Note, etc. which are very violent too.

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