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Vietnam clarifies limits of chemical law for customs clearance

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Vietnam’s Department of Chemicals has stepped in to clarify how the Law on Chemicals applies to customs.

In official guidance released on 8 December, it says that regulations for chemical imports/exports should not be applied to consumer goods and only two documents should be needed for substances to clear customs.

The guidance, issued in a circular, points out that Decree 113 – the Law on Chemicals implementation rules – only applies to chemical-related activities including substances, compounds and mixtures. It does not apply to consumer goods containing chemicals, such as lead batteries, fruit, perfume, rubber, paint, ink etc.

The required documents are for the export and import of industrial pre-substances and a declaration of imported chemicals through the country’s national portal (OSS).

Licensing or approval documents that are not needed for customs clearance include:

  • licenses or certificates for production or trading of restricted chemicals; and
  • approved chemical incident plans.

However, the guidance notes that toxic chemicals must be in appropriate control vessels to get clearance.

The circular – official title Document No 1372/HC-VP – applies to Decree 113 issued on 9 October 2017.

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