Will be AliExpress punished for violating trade rules in European countries?

The Dutch consumer association Consumentenbond joins five other European organizations asking the regulator to take action on AliExpress. The groups accused Alibaba’s Chinese online retail subsidiary of violating European regulations with the site’s terms and conditions.

In particular, they took issue with the platform’s mandate that consumers who increase problems with suppliers must resolve problems in private arbitration hearings in Hong Kong.

“But according to European law, consumers have the right to go to court in their own country,” Consumentenbond said in a statement on Friday.

“The Chinese platform also does not allow customers to return products within 14 days without giving reasons. This also contradicts European rules, “said the non-profit organization. They also believe that the site does not provide clear information about product guarantees, which often must last for two years in the European Union.

Consumentenbond called on the Dutch regulatory authorities for consumers and markets to investigate this issue in depth.

Similar calls were made by Aankoop Test from Belgium, UFC-Que Choisir from France, Altroconsumo group in Italy, Portugal DECO, and OCU in Spain.

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