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Woolmark, Adidas launch Performance Challenge

Woolmark and Adidas have launched the Woolmark Performance Challenge. This is a global competition for 2018-19, offering the chance to uncover and nurture innovative young minds from across the globe. It is a new annual competition for tertiary students aimed at pushing the limits of product innovation. It provides them an opportunity to develop innovative new product applications within the sports and performance market, by applying the science and natural performance benefits of Australian merino wool.

The winner will be awarded a cash prize as and career development and commercial opportunities including a three-month internship with Adidas. Taking advantage of the explosive growth in demand for sportswear and active wear, wool’s position as a technical fiber allows it to meet increasingly demanding consumer needs for comfort and performance. Wool is recognised by leading sportswear brands and manufacturers for its technical benefits including resistance to odor, superb breathability and moisture management capabilities.

The Woolmark Performance Challenge is a new phase of Woolmark’s product development program. It provides an opportunity for young talent to find a place for their exciting innovation on the international stage, while pushing the infinite possibilities of merino wool into unchartered territories.

Adidas is a leading sports brand. Woolmark Performance Challenge was launched in January 2018.

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