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Wrangler joins various eco initiatives

As an apparel manufacturer, Wrangler wants to improve the environmental performance of its products. To that end, Wrangler is collaborating with MyFarms, a platform built by farmers for farmers to make their jobs easier and more profitable.

Last year, Wrangler joined Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, a multi-stakeholder initiative working to increase supply chain sustainability around natural resources. Members’ combined revenues total more than 1.5 trillion dollars.

Wrangler purchases roughly half of the cotton for its products from US growers. The pilot program builds on the company’s long-standing commitment to supporting US farming communities and other programs including a commitment to 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2025, zero waste facilities and manufacturing and technology improvements that have saved three billion liters of water over the last decade.

Sustainable cotton farming techniques improve crop yields and reduce costs while slashing greenhouse gas emissions. Field-level sustainability data can strengthen business relationships and results throughout agricultural supply chains.

Sustainable practices help justify a price premium for cotton growers. Even though the growers might only receive a few extra pennies at the point of sale, that premium can significantly increase farm income. For Wrangler, sustainable farming is helping drive a more sustainable supply chain for its denim.

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