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Wrist Taker

Who: William Scorpion, 56, a Cantopop singer and equestrian who is managing a horse rescue stable in Thailand

My watch: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Volcano

How much I paid for it: I bought it from a watch dealer for $35,000

Why I like it: I collect watches for their design and craftsmanship. I don’t really see them as investments.

This is my first Audemars Piguet. I’d heard so much about this watch from fellow watch collectors and I was very excited when it was launched.

Many collectors like this model because of the striking orange numeric dial with matching luminous hands. The straps, made from two alligator hornbacks, make this watch different from other Royal Oak Offshore series. It’s quite a conversation piece.

It’s a versatile watch and serves me well in both formal and casual settings. I work with horses and the full function chronograph comes in handy during competitions and preparations for dressage to music, an equestrian event in which the rider and horse perform a set of movements to music.

I collect timepieces because they speak volumes about a man’s character and inner self. All my pieces represent different stages in my life.

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