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Xyle to set new fashion trends in Germiston

The idea of fashion and street culture has always been a hot topic, especially for our new generation.

The spirit of design has always been found in various industries, entertainment, sports, architecture and with Joel Molalathoko, religion inspired his journey into fashion design.

Whilst still in high school in 2015 an idea sparked in Joel’s mind to start a clothing line.

Having been passionate about maths, basketball and religion he was always looking for ways to make the three connect. And now he finally has.

Joel and his team held a private launch for their brand Xyle, last Friday, at the Mustard Seed Restaurant at Majestic Nursery in Lambton.

Being a spiritual person, he let that inspire the name of his brand.

Xyle, formerly known as Christ Style, came to fruition when Joel decided to let his friend, and now cofounder Reitumetsi Matsaneng, in on his idea to start a clothing line.

Reitumetse Matsaneng (co-founder) and Joel Molalathoko (founder of Xyle) at their launch held at the Mustard Seed Restaurant at Majestic Nursery in Lambton, last Friday.

“The first person I spoke to about this was Reitumetsi. I had an idea and I wanted it out there. “I did not want to just make clothes, I wanted to change the economic status of our continent,” Joel explained.

“When he first came to me I gave him support because this was my friend, and I wanted to do what friends do, namely support his idea.

“But as time went by and he spoke more passionately about it and I understood the vision, being an artist myself, I then decided I wanted to be a part of the brand too,” Reitumetsi said.

“Our clothing line is a sports and streetwear-inspired brand.

“We do ready-to-wear items,” Joel said.

Joel and his team aspire to change the narrative of the black child in Africa.

They want the youth to live their dreams, support more black businesses and give back whenever they can.

They have a section on their website which calls on all designers to submit African inspired designs. They will then choose the top ten designs and from those, the overall winner will have their range manufactured and sold and 25 per cent of proceeds will go to the designer and another 25 per cent will go towards a charity based in their community.


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“With this initiative, we aim to have collaborations with various designers and educate people on the importance of giving back and building their communities,” said Reitumetsi.

Joel went to Laerskool Germiston Primary School, where he was head boy and progressed to Germiston High School where he became president of the learners’ council in his matric year, so to him it made sense to launch his clothing line in the city that weaved him into the man he is today.

Combining his 21st birthday with the launch of Xyle, his parents and the parents of his peers were in attendance at the event.

“I had to have this private launch, not just to finally celebrate operations but to show our parents what we have been doing and for them to see why this is important to us,” Joel said.

Morena Maoka, who also grew up in Germiston and is part of the Xyle team, was one of the speakers on the evening.

With grace and eloquence he delivered his speech, speaking mainly about educating black children on the importance of fiscal responsibility.

“Through Xyle we hope to rediscover our self-worth as Africans,” he said.

Next, the flamboyant MC of the night Mpho Mehlomakhulu called on stage Cynthia Waldman, former head girl of Hoërskool Primrose High School, who is now part of the marketing and brand management team at Xyle.

Reitumetsi was called right before Joel, and he spoke about the colours they had chosen for their brand. “Red represents time.

“Red represents the colour of everyone’s blood, and we all exist is the parameters of time.

“Time is significant to us at Xyle, for it makes us aware of the season we are in.

“There is a time for birth, a time for death, a time for sadness and a time for joy.

“All this happens with time and we exist within time.

“White represents destiny.

“When an artist works on a masterpiece, he starts on a white canvas and hopes his art will be enjoyable to the public. “Every choice in life is like a brush stroke.

“Every stroke gets you closer to your masterpiece, your destiny.

“Black represents the African continent,” he explained.

When Joel took the stand, he seemed shy, but as he began to talk, it all seemed effortless to him.

This was his birthday, his launch and his dream.

“I did not prepare a speech.

I realised over the years that whenever I prepared a speech, I would end up messing it up.

“So tonight, I’m just going to talk.

“I want to talk about the pulse (the logo of the brand).

“It represents the life of Joseph from the Bible,” he said.

MC on the evening Mpho Mehlomakhulu and Morena Maoka at the launch of Xyle.

He spoke about the great deal he had learned from Joseph’s life, he spoke about his birth, the dreams he had of becoming a ruler, the betrayal he suffered at the hands of his brothers when he was imprisoned to when he emerged as the emperor of a foreign land.

Joel spoke fondly and deeply of the story of Joseph as if he had scheduled a sermon in the midst of the launch. His passion is not only to respond to his abilities given to him by God as a way to thank him, but he also aspires to provide job opportunities to aid in dropping the unemployment rate.

“We are already a team of 12 and in a year’s time we hope to be manufacturing our merchandise at our own factory,” he said, sharing their aspirations.

Xyle will be hosting a public launch on February 3 where they’ll also be revealing their website and online store.

The location has not yet been disclosed.

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